GMN Broadband

08/07/17 9:30PM - Full service has been restored to the Graysville and Stafford towers. If you still do not have service please follow the troubleshooting instructions on our support page. Thank you for your patience during this outage.

08/05/17 12:30PM - We have completed troubleshooting and were able to restore service to part of the Graysville tower. The Stafford tower remains down due to a damaged backhaul radio. Total customers affected is less than 25. Estimated restoration is Tuesday Aug 8th at 9PM.

08/04/17 6:40PM - The Graysville and Hanson/Stafford towers are down due to a lightning strike.


4/14/17 - On April 11th Microsoft released the Creators Update for Windows 10. This is a large update of approximately 3.5 GB. Your Internet service will be extremely slow while it is downloading. You can check for this update by clicking on Start, then Settings (the gear icon), then Update and Security. If any updates are downloading you will see them here.

Please read the following if your Internet service is slow or not working:

If you have Windows 10 and your service is slow or not working, please check if any of your computers are downloading updates. You can check by clicking on Start, then Settings (the gear icon), then Update and Security. If updates are downloading you will see them here. Updates on Windows 10 download in such a manner that they will consume your entire Internet connection and make it appear to be not working or extremely slow.

Video game consoles (Xbox One and PS4) are able to download in the background, even when the system appears to be off. If your service is slow, please check if your game console is downloading a game, game update, or system update.

Netflix and other streaming services use a large amount of bandwidth. If anyone in your household is streaming video all your other computers and devices will have slow service.