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Nathan Book

Nathan Book

Outage April 9, 2024

1:00 PMAll service is down due to a power outage in Woodsfield. 3:20 PMService was restored at 2:25 PM. Please power cycle your equipment if you do not have service.

Laings repeater outage 4-1-2024

April 1, 2024 10:25 AMThe Laings repeater is down due to electrical work onsite. Service should be restored by noon. We will update once the repeater is back online. 11:15 AMService has been restored.

Sykes outage 3-13-2024

3:45 PMThe Sykes tower is down. We are in the process of troubleshooting. 4:25 PMService has been restored. The UPS dropped power. There was likely a power flicker and the UPS did not properly reset.

Malaga tower outage

2-28-20249:20 AMThe Malaga tower is down due to the storm this morning. We will update this post once we are able to go on site to troubleshoot. 2:20 PMThe Malaga tower backhaul was hit by lightning. We are working to…

2-12-2024 Outage

8:09 PMAll service went down at 7:41 PM. We are in contact with our upstream provider and will update when we have more information. 8:30 PMOur upstream provider has an outage between Zanesville and Cambridge. They have crews enroute to…

Dairy tower outage 1-28-2024

11:00 AMThe Dairy tower is down due to a power outage. 1-29-2024 1:15 PMService was restored to the Dairy tower today at 9:45 AM. The power outage was caused by a house fire at the tower site.

High latency 11-2-23

9:30 PMWe are experiencing high latency to our upstream provider after a brief outage at 8:20 PM. 11-3-238:40 AMLatency returned to normal around 10:30 PM. We are in contact with our upstream.

Power outage 10-21-23

8:00 AMAll service is down due to a power outage in Woodsfield. 9:50 AMService has been restored. If you do not have service, please power cycle your equipment. Instructions are on our support page.