47084 Black Walnut Parkway
Woodsfield, OH 43793

Monday through Friday
8 AM - 4 PM


March 27 Outages Update

12:00 PM
Sykes remains down due to damage from the strong wind on Saturday. We have tower climbers tentatively scheduled for Wednesday.
The Hines repeater near Stafford is offline due to a power outage.
Graysville Canopy customers were offline overnight due to a locked up switch.

8:30 PM
Service was restored to the Hines repeater at 5:30 PM.

March 25 Outages

3/25/23 3:20 PM
All service is down due to a power outage in Woodsfield.

10:30 PM
Power was restored in Woodsfield at 5:50 PM.
The Dairy tower is offline due to a power outage.
The Sykes backhaul was blown out of alignment by the strong winds this afternoon. The tower is online but will be slow and offline at times until we can get climbers to realign the backhaul.

3/26/23 2:30 PM
Power was restored to the Dairy tower at 12:00 PM.

DNS Outage

We had a DNS outage this evening. You might have noticed things either not loading or loading slow. Servers were rebooted and everything is running normal. We apologize for any inconvenience and we are looking into how to avoid this problem in the future.